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Anonymous NobileFile User #8115

Working good on my macbook air. Can I get another one plz my friend wants one too



im being asked to leave a review (apparently because no one else would??) it was ok the sign up process took a few minutes but i received the code after around 15 min and i was able to redeem it so overall theres nothing to complain about. only negative is I wish there was a live chat or phone number instead of the contact form but the support replied within a day to my questions. thank you


Eustachy Kowalczyk

It's working very great in poland. a lot thank you to sponsor for making this possibłe


Anonymous NobileFile User #9328

Fellow YouTuber from TN, USA here! I wanted to leave my personal thank you here for saving me the $299 retail (+tax!!!) and providing me with this amazing voucher. I was using a "patched" version of FCP before and it kept crashing. Having an Apple original/regularly updated software from the App Store really helped me grow my channel. My channel is: if anyone wants to subscribe



Thank you ☺️☺️☺️ I was anxiously awaiting the email with the code and when it came my heart stopped 😅 I put it in the app store redeem and finally got my hands on final cut. bye bye premiere 🤪 attached a proof so I can get a second voucher for free

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